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Personal identity has been, and always will be, an ongoing topic of interest among us. The unifying questions of who we are, where we come from, and what makes us unique from others give us direction and purpose in life. Today, technology is making it possible to obtain answers to these questions at affordable prices and within the comfort of our own homes. Psomagen is proud to offer personal DNA tests to give you a greater understanding of yourself on a molecular level. Read on to learn more about our personal genome sequencing products.
Gene & GutBiome
Gene Traits

Everyone’s DNA tells a story. What does yours say? It’s time to find out by via a Psomagen gene analysis. Through a simple saliva sample, this personal genetic test reveals:

  • Nutritional and dietary traits (detect 29 traits)
  • Physical traits, eg. early hair loss in men, bitter taste, fear of public speaking, etc. (detect 80+ traits)

GutBiome is an excellent tool for those interested in improving their digestive health and overall well-being. When you provide us a stool sample, we use 16S metagenome sequencing to:

  • Analyze the microorganisms in your gut based on reference
  • Tell you about your microbe profile, metabolism, nutrition utility, lifestyle status, gut type, and provide you with a full probiotics profile

While GutBiome determines if the current diet of the individual is helpful or harmful to one’s gut health, GutBiome+ offers more comprehensive analysis with in-depth report using an advanced sequencing method. This is an ideal kit for those interested in gaining additional knowledge to be proactive about your health and make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.

We recommend doing this test on a somewhat regular basis to keep tabs on your gut health as you make changes to your lifestyle. GutBiome+ uses whole metagenome sequencing to:

  • Include everything featured in GutBiome (Additional comparison table below)
  • Analyze the entire community of microorganisms in your gut including non-bacterial microbial community such as Archea, Eukaryote, plasmid virus, phage etc.
  • Discover the percentage of your novel microbe and gene
  • Estimate your gene function, metabolites & pathways
  • Offer custom dietary suggestions based on your metabolism and microbiome
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GutBiome GutBiome+
NGS Reads less than 100,000 above 7,000,000
Gut Health Score
Probiotics Profile
Lifestyle Status
Nutrition Utility
Metabolic Supply
Metabolic Concern
Microbe Profile
Sample Composition
Complete Microbiome Profile
Food & Probiotics Suggestion
Major Metabolites
Nutrition & Lifestyle Solution
Percentage of Novel Microbes
What is the difference between
GutBiome and GutBiome+ services?
Knowledge is power.
Learning about yourself through your DNA can help you and your family make healthier choices
  • 29+
  • 80+
29+ Reports
  • Lactose Intolerance
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin B12
    Fat Intake
    Alcohol Consumption
    Food Consumption
    Vitamin D
    Trans Fatty Acid Levels
    Carbohydrate Intake
    High-Fat Diet
    Saturated Fat & BMI
    Unsaturated Fat Level
    Leptin Regulation
    Coenzyme Q10
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B6
    Caffeine Metabolism
    Omega-3 Fatty Acid
    Protein Intake
    Coffee Consumption
    Fasting Blood Sugar Level
80+ Reports
  • Earwax TypeMale Pattern BaldnessSweet Taste PreferenceRed HairPhotic Sneeze ReflexMemory PerformanceEye ColorAlcohol-Induced FlushingCold AcclimationLung CapacityAttractiveness to MosquitoesLark vs. Night OwlsHair ThicknessAlopecia AreataLife SatisfactionGeneral Cognitive AbilityBeard DensitySmoking PreferenceConscientiousnessAgreeablenessMotion SicknessCandy PreferenceBitter Taste SensitivitySleep EpisodeSensitivity to Caffeine BitternessExtraversionAlcohol DependenceEar protrusionLean Body MassNeuroticismAsparagus Odor DetectionEyebrow ThicknessWeight Regain - for menWhite Wine PreferencePredicted Childhood WeightKnee PainLower Body StrengthRisk TakerLinguistic PerformanceInformation Processing SpeedAerobic PerformanceInsomniaSleep DurationAnaerobic PerformanceFat Taste SensitivitySavory Taste SensitivityPigmented ringSour Taste SensitivityWeight Loss Response to ExerciseBMIOpennessHandgrip StrengthMosquito Itch IntensityHip SizeFear of dental painBody OdorWarrior vs WorrierFinger 2D:4D RatioHair Type: Straight or CurlyPersistenceNovelty-SeekingChin ProtrusionMusical AbilityPerception of RhythmEarlobe TypeFacial Pigment SpotsAverage Blood PressureTanningBirth WeightTransepidermal Water LossFrecklesPrimary Tooth - Number of teeth at 12 months of agePrimary Tooth - Time to first tooth eruptionEarly-onset Hair LossSkin AgingUnibrowTelomere LengthShovel-Shaped IncisorsHearing DifficultyWeight Regain - for womenSalty Taste SensitivityIris NevusHair graying
Understand the lab's discoveries about your gut health and what you can do
to improve it with your personal GutBiome report.
  • +7
    Lifestyle Status
  • +6
    Nutrition Utility
  • +18
Beyond the microscope.
To shape up your health and lifestyle,
look through not also your gut microbe, but what they produce.
  • +4
    Lifestyle Status
  • +5
    Nutrition Utility
  • +6
    Metabolic Supply
  • +4
    Metabolic Concern
  • +1
    Microbe Profile
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